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Current version: 1.91

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Dream Zoo Reviews

Cool 12344567890 - Crap

Worst app ever, I spent months on it and money animals look rubbish it won't let on make better apps god sake. Every time someone gets this app a billion fairies die! Don't get this app mankind

Date: Device: 1.91 using Dream Zoo

Shiningfantasia - The game expanded, along with crashes.

-- CRASHES when attempting to trade in animals. -- CRASHES frequently when visiting the store. -- CRASHES when I try to dive. -- CRASHES when trying to log onto Facebook when my friends disappear. -- Oh yes, did I mention friends just disappear? Game is ok, and fun. But with all the crashing it is tolerable at best. This little game would have been solid. The only reason I had continued to play this game is because I have been at it for 142 days now. I will eventually get tired of tolerating this and delete it from my phone. Final review: I deleted this from my phone. The fact I could not play underwater due to lag, freezes, and delays coupled with the absurd amounts of crashes on land got me tired.

Date: Device: 1.3.0 using Dream Zoo

Pipnbean - ZYNGA, I want a full refund! Pride @ Level 61 is robbed!

10/11: freezing IMEDIATELY after opening, big surprise that the latest improvements improved absolutely nothing!! REFUND REFUND REFUND REFUND REFUND REFUND REFUND REFUND REFUND REFUND REFUND REFUND REFUND REFUND REFUND REFUND REFUND REFUND REFUND REFUND REFUND REFUND REFUND REFUND! 9/16: no surprises today, lagoon still freezing as soon as it opens, and I'm still waiting for that QUESTION: every couple days I check back in to see if the game has been fixed, only to find the SAME lagoon freezing problems. I come here to write a review concerning the issue, AGAIN, and to rate the game AGAIN, and I find that all my previous ratings have been REMOVED! It would appear that not only does zynga NOT CARE to see or hear about the ONGOING issues with this game, they don't want other people seeing or hearing about these problems either!! Seriously, dishonest way of keeping your bad scores from growing any bigger where honest people might actually be able to make INFORMED decisions about putting money into this game! Have you looked at the ratings after selecting "critical"???? Where exactly are you hiding all of us zynga??? Our numbers are many, and yet you only show a few short pages! VERY DECEPTIVE to say he least! 9/14: STILL no improvements, but to be frank, after months of bs from zynga, I wasn't really expecting any either. Zynga, perhaps a class action demanding refunds for EVERYONE who has ever given you a dime is what's needed to get you to respond and fix this game??? Still waiting for my REFUND! 9/11: no changes for this crap zoo's issues. Still waiting for my REFUND! 9/8, lagoon/game still crash nightmare, haven't been able to do ANYTHING in that bloody lagoon for what, months now??? Still waiting for my REFUND! Still the same on 9/7.............. More of the miserable same on 8/25............. Seriously with all the actual cash $$$$$ you take from unsuspecting players, is it not possible to hire someone who can actually fix your mess??? Still waiting for my REFUND! 8/24 download allowed me to see my land zoo when it opened, however, going to my lagoon ends in crashing, freezing, or both. And YES, I did the "delete/REdownload" (because I know that canned question is coming) with the same miserable results. Is it possible to give zero stars?! I'll say it again: I am sooooo beyond disappointed, and have stepped fully into complete disgust for this game, and the company who clearly, after months, has absolutely NO intention of ever really fixing a thing! REFUND REFUND REFUND REFUND REFUND REFUND REFUND REFUND REFUND REFUND REFUND REFUND REFUND REFUND REFUND REFUND REFUND REFUND REFUND REFUND REFUND REFUND REFUND REFUND!

Date: Device: 1.91 using Dream Zoo

Nannypat3 - Nightmare Zoo!

I was stuck underwater for weeks (when the app would even open). Now I can't even access the underwater zoo, but my storks are still stuck down there. I am having all the issues I have read about and the mores I play the worse they get. Now the app won't open at all, but I hate to give up because of the real cash I have spent. Please fix this or REFUND our money!! As of now I have no zoo. Had to uninstall because the last update erased all my progress. Started me back at level one with a black screen and will not let me do anything, then it crashes again. I hope Zynga will let people know when this app is fixed and restore what we had AND refund the cash we spent to play!! 10-11-12 FORGET ZYNGA!! Believe it or not there are other apps out there that actually work (although most of them are totally unrealistic in the amounts of money - real and virtual - that it takes to purchase anything). That said, I am going to try the latest update before deleting this app again for good. NO STARS😞

Date: Device: 1.91 using Dream Zoo

Dream025 - Crashes

Still can not open the game

Date: Device: 1.91 using Dream Zoo

(=)Betsy(=) - Keeps crashing

I enjoy the game, but every time I try to buy a mate the game "updates" and I lose my money and don't get my new animal. Very unhappy.

Date: Device: 1.91 using Dream Zoo

ArcticFox22 - Once Upon A Time, Dream Zoo was a great game...

This is the second update I have waited for in order to try to even open the game. It takes forever to load, if it opens at all. When it does, all I see is a black screen and all of my millions of collected coin and my purchased dollars - all gone. Zynga is on the list of companies to disappear in the near future and I can easily see why. When the game came out, it was wonderful and I was hooked. I can't even get to the game now. Also, before I was shut out, I was getting peeved at how the $ on items was going up. Dinosaur fencing went from 1 dollar/piece to 9 dollars/piece! It's amazing how they've taken a great concept and wrecked it so entirely. For those of you willing to brave the bad tech support and outrageous dollar prices, good luck. You're gonna need it :(

Date: Device: 1.91 using Dream Zoo

Andrew Behic - Still ain't working!!!

Game still ain't loading loads to about 80% then just stays there. Come on guys!!!

Date: Device: 1.91 using Dream Zoo

Savannah 95 - Review

Okay seriously it's been forever since I have been able to play because all I see is a black screen is it ever going to get fixed!!!!:(

Date: Device: 1.9 using Dream Zoo

Ronald Kaitschuck - Arizona242

Please fix its been over two weeks what's a matter with you guys can't you fix it black screen is all I get

Date: Device: 1.9 using Dream Zoo

Roland Dechain - Broken game as is

It sickens me that as horrible as this last update is, and as many people that have been locked out of their zoo, that zynga is still telling people to " make sure to upgrade to the latest update of dream zoo today". This shows that they have waaaay too many irons in the fire, that they tell people to update knowing it will most likely keep them from playing. You people giving this game 5 stars have either not played long enough to even be rating it, or you are just ignorant to the way a quality app should run. You are only hurting the quality of this app by not giving it the low score it deserves until the crashing issue is fixed. UPDATE vers. 1.0.21 Game does not crash as often but still crashes every time I play. That's usually what dictates when I stop if that tells u anything. Info does update faster now on zoos visited, but it's really a joke as to how often the game crashes. Lowering to 1 star. Easily 5 stars if the crashing is corrected. Update 1.1.2 Still broken. Won't even load past the beginning screen. U ppl giving this high ratings and complaining about crashes, GIVE IT ONE STAR

Date: Device: 1.8 using Dream Zoo

Pete King - Lame

Lame! Won't open after update

Date: Device: 1.9 using Dream Zoo

Mimzy43 - Dream Zoo

Game is fun,but you should be able to convert coins to cash.When that happens,then it's a 5 star game..It's very hard to earn dollar bills,unless you keep paying for them. I used to love this game, when I could get on and actually get to play, it's now been 3 months and several complaints, first I couldn't put sidewalks in breed the non water animals, now I can't even get on the game at all. I have spent money on this game, and now I am very disappointed, it would be nice to be able to access the game and build things and go on safaris without getting kicked. But again now I can't even access the game, and have had no replies to my complaints. The least they could is refund my $400+ dollars I have spent , to build a nice zoo. Hopefully in the next decade somebody will reply, and address these problems. Until then, I cannot give a good rating. It's hard to rate something you can't get on to play.!!!

Date: Device: 1.91 using Dream Zoo

IRATE ADULT CUSTOMER - Stealing from a corpse who is a child-shame on you!

I want my money back! I spent money on a ZOO for my child(who is sick in a hospital bed with serious ailments), and its been a stream of tears every time this program crashes and strips him of his hard earned zoo animals-we are talking bedridden for christ sakes's! The kid has six I'V lines. every time they patch this thing... it gets worse, and they charge more and more-which I've's the smile on his face as he slips off after the evening dilaudid dose...chemo comes first thing in AM I have an unusual circumstance-granted-yet I expect that the 1000+ dollars I've spent on my child's zoos to be available as either a goods or services which have been purchased...after 4 weeks!!!of not being able to access the servers-the zynga sites, both companies and off the cuff-all seem to indicate that the more sophistcated the zoo, the more likely it is not accessable now... in the real world, this is a backcharge for no service, or non delivered goods-so what is it? ALL credit card charges go through who is getting back charged? Zynga, or, Apple? I no longer care-I I DEMAND refund in full....every single charge ever associated with this game. end of story.... too bad, they had a good thing, they puked up a freee lunch... there is nothing more painful than to watch a defenseless, DYING child, thats bedridden, get their heart ripped out over spotted cartoon animals... For Christs sake.... I started this flaming rant just before Alex was last admitted to the hospital-Acute Myelogenous Luekemia-the WORST and most lethal variety of the four major types.... Well, he's gone.... It's been several months-daily laboring trying to keep this pie of bovine excrement afloat.. He died crying about how he wasn't going to ever see his pets again....Jesus H Christ... And all these pukes really care about is their stock options-these guys are the real gangsters and thugs of today's society -at least a junkie has the balls to pull a gun on me when he steals from a child What scum bags, what slaves to the analysts-think your going to make the quarterly projections? I need to write an op Ed to the WSJ! You should be ashamed of what you see in the mirror -if there's anything there..... Mere maggots -hey, there's a zoo critter: Zynga finest members and it started so well-too much reefer? Too much crank? Too much yayo? What happened? Just awful Just disgraceful I'm done

Date: Device: 1.9 using Dream Zoo

Cupp Gurl - My game has been down for 3 weeks

Fix It!!!! Its been 3 weeks that i cant get into my zoo

Date: Device: 1.9 using Dream Zoo

Trax91w - Garbage

When are you guys going to listen to your customers. When are you going to fix the game

Date: Device: 1.9 using Dream Zoo

Littlemb3 - Crash Zoo!

Every time an update is released, the game I play is to see how far I can get before it crashes. Zynga has not disappointed it crashes upon opening! THIS GAME IS UNPLAYABLE! Please, people, don't put any money into this game. Zynga cares only about making money, not about their customers!

Date: Device: 1.9 using Dream Zoo

Debz42 - Great game BUT

can't open game since iOS 6 update and have lost my zoo. Not happy

Date: Device: 1.9 using Dream Zoo

Smw1953 - Stuck in lagoon

8/9/12 Like so many others, I have been stuck in the lagoon for 5 days now. I didn't even want to go there in the first place; the game just opened there and now I'm stuck. The good thing that's happened is that I'm finally able to collect from my goals after WEEKS of not being able to. I still cannot visit neighbors that are lvl 60 and higher because of crashing. ZYNGA - PLEASE FIX THE BUGS AND QUIT ADDING NEW STUFF UNTIL THE BUGS ARE FIXED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 7/26 Ok so I updated. Big deal!!! Doesn't work any better than before, in fact I think it's worse. Got the game to load once out of four times since I updated today. When it DID load, I was able to collect coins from 5 animals then it crashed AGAIN!! ZYNGA, LISTEN TO THE PLAYERS!!! FIX THE GAME, DON'T ADD MORE PROBLEMS BY ADDING MORE ANIMALS AND DECORATIONS. JUST FIX IT, PLEASE!!! I'm at level 62 so you can tell I've been playing for a long time but I don't want to quit playing cuz the game is good (when it doesn't crash). I've been waiting a long time for an update and now when we get one, it's worse than ever. :-( I really like this game, but there are a couple things that need to change. 1. Make it easier to earn dollars 2. Not need a "code" to add friends. add me : CCLFQJQ 3/31 I really like this game but I am really tired of it crashing all the time. And it takes forever to load. How about fixing the bugs instead of adding new animals? What REALLY is annoying is that it takes soooo long to travel to other zoos, and then it crashes. I have 29 neighbors and if I were to try to visit every one of them it would take me 1/2 a day!!! Or longer!! Zynga please fix these issues!!! Oh, and by the way, I have dropped my rating from 4 stars to 2 stars because you don't seem to want to fix the problems! 7/7/12 - update. Zynga doesn't seem to want to fix the crashing issue, instead they are creating new games and adding more animals. It crashes when trying (key word here is TRYING) to collect gifts, collecting goals, visiting neighbors, or just opening the game!!! ZYNGA- CAN YOU PLEASE FIX THE BUGS? Update 10/8/12 It has been over a month since I have been able to collect my rewards for completing goals. I now have completed 16 goals that I can't collect from. I can't get to the goal screen to see what goals I need to try to achieve. I've written to Zynga and DID receive a reply; the standard "we are working on issues in order of importance and yours will be addressed as soon as more important issues with the game are resolved". What a bunch of CRAP!!!! I'm at level 66 now and expect Zynga will just keep adding more stuff and not fix the issues that I and other players are having. I really like the game, so I will keep playing, but I will only give it one star (if I could give 1/2 star, I would!

Date: Device: 1.9 using Dream Zoo

lovesit215 - Dream Zoo

Game has been frozen since recent iPad update. Was at level 79 or so with over 86 million coins. Customer support is useless. I have been playing for more than 250 days and there does not seem to be any way to fix it.

Date: Device: 1.9 using Dream Zoo

Lmjmxp - Any one new

Absolutely furious have lost money and zoo on I pad I think bad reviews all round until they fix it even the help page to zynga games have no answers surely to god some one can put this right as all my other apps have sorted out problems since upgrading ....very annoyed and its not even worth the one star I wouldn't put it but we can't post anything with out it!

Date: Device: 1.9 using Dream Zoo

Jjktr - Doesn't work on ipad anymore.

And zynga doesn't admit to anything.

Date: Device: 1.9 using Dream Zoo

Gma VanHook - IOS 6. Issue

FIX. The IOS6 problem!!

Date: Device: 1.9 using Dream Zoo

becks3400 - Sigh

HOW are people still loving this game?? It wont even open!!! Most ridiculous update yet. Forced me to update, game will not load at all now. And staff will not acknowledge problem at all. No thanks.

Date: Device: 1.9 using Dream Zoo

Yoliefran - Nightmare Zoo

I think you should call this game, Nightmare Zoo.😱

Date: Device: 1.9 using Dream Zoo

Mrs. Ortega - Fix bugs NOW

Keep closing out..! Fix now please!

Date: Device: 1.9 using Dream Zoo

lelleh - Crash-a-mundo!

The game is really cool, BUT for the past 2 months it will only do the following: wont open, will open with a blank white screen, or will only open with half the items on the screen. Also, all my friends have disappeared. I say fix it now or get deleted!!!!!!

Date: Device: 1.9 using Dream Zoo

jsm97 - Fun game but still don't trust Zynga

Update 10/7/12 My opinion of Zynga is still the same. They are more interested in making money rather than making a playable game. Apparently they fail to realize that the two go hand in hand. While I can minimally play on my iPhone (very slow and neighbors are still constantly disappearing) gameplay on my iPad is nonexistent. As soon as my zoo appears the game crashes. It has been this way for months now. This is definitely a buyer beware review. Zynga, I think it's about time you all get your act together and actually fix the games you've created before you continue to just add new items as updates. ------------------------------- Zynga, please fix the neighbor issue. It's been almost a month, so one would think that you would have found a solution by now. Update 5/19/12 Still continuing to lose my neighbors. This could really be a fun game if Zynga could just get their act together. Update 5/10/12 I've gotten my neighbors back so I've changed my review back to 3 stars. Update 5/9/12 In usual Zynga update fashion, all my neighbors have gone missing. I'm no longer surprised that this happens. I'm just shocked by how little the developers actually listen to the players, because obviously this game still seems to be in beta. I'm pretty sure this is goodbye for me. To all you new players, enjoy the game as long as you can, and even with that it doesn't last long. Update 3/19/12 The game finally seems to be running, although lagging a bit and it's terribly slow when visiting neighbors. I still find it unbelievable how Zynga continues to try and get money from their players when they have yet to prove that their games are reliable. There's always a chance that you can spend money on them and come the next update you'll lose everything. While a fun game to play, when it works, it is definitely Buyer Beware! Update: 3/17/12 I've played Zynga games since the beginning days of Yoville. Knowing everything I know about Zynga stability issues, I still allowed myself to get drawn into Dream Zoo. What a mistake. I feel as if I've gone back in time to the dreaded white screens of Yoville and Mafia Wars. Except now, it's just the constant loading screen. And if I happen to pass through that, then it's the black "updating" screen. I will NEVER spend real cash on Zynga. In all these years they have yet to prove to me that they are reliable when it comes to stability issues of any of their games. Take my advice, Zynga, stick to the simple games like WWF and HWF. You seem to have better luck when there's less involvement with the characters in the games you make. ------- This is a fun game to help pass the time. I need more neighbors, though. Please feel free to add me: DDVSPSX

Date: Device: 1.9 using Dream Zoo

Good times at work - Many issues

It would be a fun game if it would work. It shuts down a lot. When you visit neighbors it just shows a grassy area so you can't do anything. It's very hard to get hearts to breed animals because the neighbors don't work. Many more issues too. Not worth getting drawn into the game then having lots of issues playing. Don't get the app!

Date: Device: 1.9 using Dream Zoo

Cici12@54 - Really bad

It is horrible now, it won't open since the last OS6 update for iPad. I had to remove it. Hopefully you come up with a fix.

Date: Device: 1.9 using Dream Zoo

Unhappy dream zoo-er - Horrible support!

I've been playing this game for over a year now. It constantly crashes and kicks me out in the middle of the game, but this is the worst by far. I haven't even been able to open the game for a week. Prior to that every 4th day when I was supposed to get my dream cash I never received it. I would get every other day visit prize but never the cash even though I would sign in at least 2 times a day every day. I have almost 70 million coins and can't do anything with them because I can't trade them in for dollars so I can actually get all the animals!

Date: Device: 1.9 using Dream Zoo

StarSeekerDragon - Was fun while it lasted...

It was fun breeding animals and coming up with awesome colouration and patterns (that is, after days and weeks of collecting hearts), but after a while the game has slowed down considerably. Accessing either the land or sea would take several minutes to load up (one time the game had to close out on itself and bring me back to the title, kinda like a restart). Now the loading bar stops just short of the end, and it just stops. I tried restarting my iPad and trying again, but no luck. Like my title says, it was fun while it lasted. *deletes app*

Date: Device: 1.9 using Dream Zoo

Sarahsue67 - Don't Even Start

It is fun and addictive but it is the most pathetic glitchy game I've ever played n they are greedy n you will end up spending a ridiculous amount of money to keep playing. Don't even start!!!

Date: Device: 1.9 using Dream Zoo

Lizardglass - Enough already

Since latest "upgrade", cannot get game to open and play. Have tried support, but no answer for 3 weeks. And they want u to spend real money!!!!! Would rate no star but they won't let me!

Date: Device: 1.9 using Dream Zoo - STILL BROKEN !!!

Have not been able to play since upgrading to iPhone 5 and iOS 6. This is very disappointing. I have spent so much time and money on this game. I wishes the developers would develop and keep up.

Date: Device: 1.9 using Dream Zoo

KayP8618 - WAS THE BEST ZOO GAME, but.....

UPDATE - Still cannot open app. Obviously Zynga doesn't care about their loyal Dream Zoo players who spent real $$$ to play this game. Who do we contact to get our money refunded? It's been more than a week since this app has opened. Still waiting for Zynga to fix. Until then, I'm boycotting all Zynga games. All of my "Words" partners are moving to Scrabble. Too bad we can't give a negative star rating. only 1 star now. Since the upgrade to iOs 6, the app doesn't even open! Naturally it happened just when I was about to collect free zoo bucks. I already tried the "delete app, reboot the phone, re-install the app, reboot the phone" boogie. The app just does not load. Please fix this.

Date: Device: 1.9 using Dream Zoo

@Allylzxo - Problem

I was having a few glitches with the game so I deleted it and tried reinstalling it but now the game won't open at all. It will show the loading screen but always stops loading with about a centimeter left on the loading bar and just sits there for the remainder of the time I have it "loading". Please fix/help.

Date: Device: 1.9 using Dream Zoo

What!!!!' - Update terrible

Once I did the last update its not loading or once it does its just black screen, what a total waste playing this game. Not sure if I will keep it yet! And I'm getting notifications from other players even though I have turned that off!!! As why get notice of other players activities when I can't even load it.

Date: Device: 1.9 using Dream Zoo

Sraymond67 - Love this game!!! But it is messed up!!!!

Please fix my favorite game!!!!! I lost 4 babies now!!!! I have over 16 million points and over 70 friends!! I put a lot of money into this game and I want my Dream Zoo BACK NOW!!!! Please find a fix!!! Otherwise beside the paths being messed up and killing your eyes, it's a great game!!!

Date: Device: 1.9 using Dream Zoo

Michellemoomoo - Freeezing!!!!!!

Game keeps freezing.I stopped playing it for a few months.I just updated the app and IT'S STILL FREEZING.After reading the negative reports about what happens with the latest iPhone update (which I have yet to do) I am not expecting great things.Please listen to what people are saying as this game is really fun when it works!!!!!

Date: Device: 1.6 using Dream Zoo

Linzzzeee - Can't play!!

I don't know if its bc of the new update but I can't play my game anymore!! Fix the issue!!!!!!!!!

Date: Device: 1.9 using Dream Zoo

jennzy-d - β›”πŸ‘ŽπŸ’€πŸ˜‘πŸ˜€

Obviously they do not give a crap anymore. I guess they went bankrupt because they were charging too much money. Game has not worked in weeks. All the time I have invested in this game upsets me.

Date: Device: 1.9 using Dream Zoo

Emoo 22 - Cross breeding

I'm so mad!!! You said cross breeding was here! It's NOT!!! Your so MEAN!!! How dare you!!! I got so excited for nothing!!!

Date: Device: 1.9 using Dream Zoo

UUiggy - I'm in agreement with the new name nightmare zoo

This only a bad dream zoo now.

Date: Device: 1.9 using Dream Zoo

Umack - What's wrong

What's wrong with the game ....Have not been able to open the game. I think someone should fix it. I probably lost all my breading baby's by now. It's been 2 weeks now. please do something.

Date: Device: 1.9 using Dream Zoo

Rick in Alaska - Can't load

Very disappointed that its been 2 weeks and still can't load the game. I think you should undo the changes for iphone5 because the game loaded prior to the update. Didn't you all beta test before the release?????????

Date: Device: 1.9 using Dream Zoo

Lukek1978 - Azoosazoo

What are zynga playing at lost two zoos after last update and iOS update one on phone and one on iPad since changed phone to iPhone 5 have been able to start a new game so I know the game works on iOS 6 but they have done nothing to help with restoring my previous zoos new code if you would like to add me CTYBGWZ

Date: Device: 1.9 using Dream Zoo

Bubba999 - Guilty pleasure

This is a happy game. I've noticed that after spending the evening watching TV and playing Cubes, I go to sleep a little grouchy. But after playing Dream Zoo, I'm always in a good mood. UPDATE: Don't spend money on this game. If you get lots of neighbors, the game goes much faster and you eventually run out of space. I've been playing a little over a month, and there won't be any point to playing in a couple more weeks. The reviews about constant crashing and losing ground putting you back where you were an hour ago are true. That's frustrating, but what's even more frustrating is spending a million coins on an expansion, and then only getting a fraction of the area because you're on the zoo's edge. What a shame. This could have been a great game.

Date: Device: 1.9 using Dream Zoo

Zipper Zoo - Worst yet for me 😞

Since the os6 update, I have no daily gifts from neighbors (inbox empty), often no neighbors at all, and some how I have a Ferris wheel that I didn't want but am now down to 3 zoo bucks. :(. I am close to 300 days, close to level 70, and this is the worst it has been for me. Please fix--I have been loyal since last Christmas!!

Date: Device: 1.9 using Dream Zoo

Pattyshake - Refund

I'd like a refund, awful way to treat paying customers!

Date: Device: 1.9 using Dream Zoo

Dream Zoo

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