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Bad App Reviews for Talking Camel


Current version: 4.0

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Talking Camel Reviews

Drummonkee - Frustrated customer

Useless!! Couldn't get past opening screen,,,,remained frozen. Wasted a whole 0,99$

Date: Device: 3.1 using Talking Camel

Turrrtletee - Eh.

I bought it and I wish I didn't the voice sounds so dumb. Waste of 1$

Date: Device: 2.1 using Talking Camel

V8per - Money back

Want my money back I can't play!

Date: Device: 1.1 using Talking Camel

camelando - Rubbish

Waste of money, no audio, only mouth movement, don't bother

Date: Device: 1.1 using Talking Camel

dolphino! - impulse buy

definitely a low brow app - only does one thing - I bought it cuz my friend showed me and it was funny - only a dollar

Date: Device: 1.1 using Talking Camel

Ejgilly - Crazy camel

I just bought this ap & his lips are moving but I can't hear the words comin' out of his mouth! Lame. I was so excited for this one too.

Date: Device: 1.1 using Talking Camel

Talking Camel

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