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Current version: 2.22

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Gigwalk Reviews

Lucky397 - Good bye gigwalk

This used to be a great ap but with the new "improvements" it's a joke. It's taken out the spontaneity of the whole i got some free time and am close by to complete a gig. The application tweet you have to send seems stupid to me and the FAQ is in need of updating. I finally got rid of the app today. I tried to give it a chance but it's lost the magic that it once had.

Date: Device: 2.11.3 using Gigwalk

TheEraser - What Happened?

When this app first came out it was Da Bomb. Very simple to use, easy to get paid, lots of jobs for everone. Now, it's a complete joke. You want me to submit an application with a slimmed down resume of why I can take photos better than the next iphone user? Really? Then wait a few days/weeks for you to determine if I'm good enough?...for $5? No thanks! Don't waste your time.

Date: Device: 2.11.2 using Gigwalk

f5snopro - Don't waste your time

Very few "gigs" and those which do exist seem to be scams.

Date: Device: 2.11.2 using Gigwalk

Nik Tary - Zero Los Angeles gigs

Laughably pathetic. Deleted.

Date: Device: 2.11.2 using Gigwalk

Haxley - What happened?

Update****** Says there's 5 gigs beat me but map says no gigs within 100 miles. Either way there's only 3 gigs that show up on my list First app was great. This app is nearly worthless. 309 nearby gigs... But you know I live in Arizona right, not New York. So how are they nearby? I can't exactly take a picture of myself in and NYU cap and gown at the ceremony. Is this app for real? I really have to search through every gig rather than seeing what's REALLY nearby.

Date: Device: 2.11.2 using Gigwalk

bumblebeeQ3 - Lame application!

Do not download. Clients do not respond and you can't do anything on this crappy app just takes up space on your phone

Date: Device: 2.11.2 using Gigwalk

TornadoNow - Applying for gigs has ruined this app for me

This used to be a wonderful app. If you were in an area where a gig was available, you could select it and complete it on the spot. I earned a great reputation with The Mapping Company when the app was like this. The new application process for apps has made it nearly impossible for this app to be worthwhile. I have applied for 40 gigs and have received none. I have instant access to the Mapping Company, so I have earned some money there. You are also unable to delete photos once you have selected them, which makes it very difficult perfect your gigs. I am disappointed with the app in its current state.

Date: Device: 2.11.2 using Gigwalk

Kinderkat78 - Why the "approval" process?

So I need to write a brief summery as to why I'm worthy to go into a store and take a picture of juice for you? Really? Field Agent just gives you the job. If you don't complete the job correctly, you don't get paid. If you do the job correctly, you get paid and your score goes up, proving you get things done. Take a page out of FA book and this might be worth exploring further.

Date: Device: 2.11.2 using Gigwalk

ct323i - This app is total garbage

They don't approve your jobs for weeks and weeks then reject them for no reason even if u spent hours working for them. Don't ever expect to get paid by these guys. Deleting this app from my phone ASAP.

Date: Device: 2.11.1 using Gigwalk

tyler durden33 - The old version was wayyyy better

I use to love the old gigwalk but this version ruined it for me. I hate how you have to write why you're qualified for a job every single time even if they are all the same gigs just at different locations. Also it takes forever to get a approved for a gig and there are no maps. I like the gigwalk team and all but this has become a bad version of task rabbit. PLEASE change it back!

Date: Device: 2.11.1 using Gigwalk

Spaghettiohead - Not Worth the Bother Anymore

The map before this horrid update was very convenient. The new app look/feel and gig-application process is cumbersome, time-consuming, and a waste when you can't even get approved for gigs. Count me out. The 4 and 5 star reviews are very obviously insiders or paid reviewers.

Date: Device: 2.11.1 using Gigwalk

Jeff in MN - Bad since update, no map no love

You had me at hello on the previous version... Launch the map, find jobs near me, complete job immediately. Then you fouled the process... Select jobs near me, open 20 of them to figure out which ones are closest to me because the gig map is gone, apply for a job, wait 24 hours for possible approval (if not approved you don't have the courtesy to tell me so), complete job to earn 5-10 bucks. Fix it, fix it, fix it. This ap used to work for a person on the move, now not so much.

Date: Device: 2.11.1 using Gigwalk

KB829 - Takes too long

It takes too long to get accepted for a gig!! Not worth it!!

Date: Device: 2.11.1 using Gigwalk

Steve19821982 - Waste of a good idea

It is far to hard to get a gig. They don't seem to make sense and it is hard to even figure out where things need to be done. Bright side is you do get the money but only $3 for me and I check it everyday

Date: Device: 2.11.0 using Gigwalk

Cowboy Roger - Was GREAT

When It didn't matter what kind of iPhone you had - so it would work! Had a good thing- but down the tubes it went

Date: Device: 1.38 using Gigwalk

SimPhonic - Should be called GigSlop.

I agree with other former users about poor maps, gig locations, and user experience. I live in south bay area near many businesses and hundreds of gigs were available last year. I had more time lately so thought id try to complete a few, but the new version is pathetic. This is my first and only written review of any app. Thats how bad it has become. Like when your fave band becomes a sellout.

Date: Device: 2.10 using Gigwalk

Rava68 - Blah!!

Blah!! Used to be good..

Date: Device: 2.10 using Gigwalk

Godzdude - Needs to be easier to use!

Need I be easier to use!

Date: Device: 2.10 using Gigwalk

Imperialist commi - Better to collect cans for cash

Ariel is an imperialist. He has switched the pay structure and has created so many barriers. Once was a good company. Now downgraded to sell... No chance of IPO. If by some miracle it does. I am shorting this company into oblivion.

Date: Device: 2.01 using Gigwalk

S. Noir - Horrible now

Gigwalk used to be a great side job if you took complete advantage of it. Now it's super difficult to use efficiently. There are many gigs with limited access and they've eliminated the map interface so it's difficult to see which gig is where in relation to other gigs. Absolute crap.

Date: Device: 2.10 using Gigwalk

X- gig walk fan - Pathetic decisions by developers

Another classic example of how a simple successful user interface and functionality was totally ruined by the new version update.. Very Sad to see bad choices on something that had a BIG POTENTIAL!!.. this is a definite delete!!!

Date: Device: 2.10 using Gigwalk

Billabong687 - Horrible update

It's definitely opposite of what they market on the app store. It's not on the go when you have to apply to the gigs near you only to have to wait a few days to know if you got the job. It use to be simple. This app is definitely going to be deleted off my phone

Date: Device: 2.10 using Gigwalk


Worse app ever!!! They over promise and under deliver as usual. Ariel Sideman the CEO lacks the skills needed to develop this into a reliable business. They change the price of the gigs all the time and make us work a lot for a couple of dollars and thats if they don't "reject" you gig for no reason or just because they feel like it! My advice to you is: got get a real job or help someone in need because at the end of the day YOU WILL get frustrated with this stupid app like I did. You can also try VIGGLE. You get paid to sit on your couch and watch TV!!!!!!

Date: Device: 2.01 using Gigwalk

Garbage to trash - I could blow a gasket

This app is a waste of everyones time, I have gone out and completed a gig right after I accepted it, only to wait for countless hours for the message "don't worry, it's not you it's them", denied one gig after the other to add up to countless gigs applied for and none accepted I could have made tons of money but instead I wasted it on h Gas and I also wasted my time!

Date: Device: 2.10 using Gigwalk

Tameka L. - Disappointed!!

I am highly disappointed in the new version of gigwalk. It used to be simple and I could go out and complete gigs in my spare time, I even earned over $1500!... I am definitely not a fan of the new version & the whole process of applying for these gigs! I most likely will be deleting this app if it is not changed back to how it was. -Tameka Lane

Date: Device: 2.10 using Gigwalk

Dele Adio - Very disappointed

So sad!

Date: Device: 2.10 using Gigwalk

jan112013 - Bad!!

One word HORRIBLE!! 1) they need to have a map 2) why did they make it to where u have to apply for a gig thats just stupid 3) then they turn down your work for no reason i did exactly what they told me to do and they turned me down gigwalk is a peice of s**t

Date: Device: 2.10 using Gigwalk

KenYablonsky - GigWalk has turned to crap.

You guys really know how to take a good app and turn it into crap Yes, I said crap. I just upgraded to your latest version and it says there are 9 gigs, but when I click it says no gigs. Your previous version removing the map was a serious failure. Also removing the GigTalk area was another huge mistake. That was a huge part of why I liked Gigwalk to begin with. I hope you guys wake up and smell the coffee and realize the huge mistake of an app you have changed to. You removed the map and pins. Now you have to apply to do a gig. What a HUGE FAILURE!!!

Date: Device: 2.10 using Gigwalk

Nickname that is 20 letters. - What?

I'm new and I have no clue how to send pictures into people. Help

Date: Device: 2.01 using Gigwalk

Macrojen - Waste of time -

Don't use Gig walk — stay away from it. You're going to waste your time, and precious gasoline only to not get paid in the end for your work. On top of that, the gigs nearby are scarce, yet it always says there's like 400 near me. Not worth it.

Date: Device: 2.01 using Gigwalk

Lou2of2 - Fall from glory

I planned on posting a review about my disappointment in the "new direction" the app has taken, only to find the rest of the community did it for me already. You had a great app, don't ruin it.

Date: Device: 2.01 using Gigwalk

UnrealFire - Huge step backward

The new version is a huge step backward for Gigwalk. It looks impressive but it's just an inconvenience for users who used to be able to Gigwalk in their spare time.

Date: Device: 2.01 using Gigwalk

Seanb182 - Garbage

For whatever reason, my account is blocked...

Date: Device: 2.01 using Gigwalk

Michael4847 - SCAM

Not only does the new version not have a map and the gigs that it recommends are at least a few states away, but it erased all of my other pending gigs and money that I was owed! Terrible App!!! 💩💩💩💩💩

Date: Device: 2.01 using Gigwalk

LatchJohnson - Terrible app

This was about the worst app I've ever had. Now after this update, it's an absolute waste of space.

Date: Device: 2.01 using Gigwalk

Dancerluv4ever - changes are not good

I hate the new version. It used to be that when I was out running errands, i could check the map, see if there were any gigs nearby that I qualified for, and do them on the fly. Now even if I'm at the correct location for a gig, I can't just do it because I'm supposed to apply for it first, then wait multiple days to even see if I'd be allowed to do it. Losing the map and taking away the "on the fly" capabilities turned this 5 star app into a 1 star.

Date: Device: 2.01 using Gigwalk

Kachirisky - Mr

Where is the map?! This is not the gigwalk I remembered it to be. Useless app now. C mon guys....I guess people were making too much money now I suppose. Good luck gigwalk go back to your roots!!!!!

Date: Device: 2.01 using Gigwalk

Zibernina - Warning: they can "go in another direction" even if you complete a gig correctly

The idea of making a few extra bucks sounds great, and I can understand placing a "bid" on a gig and getting a note back saying "sorry, but the client decided to go in another direction." However, I don't think it's right for them to say that AFTER completing a gig correctly to their specifications, and then not getting paid for my time and work. Especially not if the gig in question required extra driving time an use of my own photo equipment outside the iphone. Don't waste your time with this app. There are other apps similar to this that actually do pay for the work completed.

Date: Device: 2.01 using Gigwalk

cordiallyfuturedwight - Update is Horrible!

It's now impossible to find gigs near you, and no longer can you do them on the fly as you walk around the city. You have to apply? What?!?!

Date: Device: 2.0 using Gigwalk

ePhotoSF - What happened to Gigwalk???

I used to like Gigwalk a lot, good gigs, easy to find on the map, lots of work that you could do whenever you wanted. Now with this new version, what are the people at Gigwalk thinking? They've totally ruined a good thing. The new App version is totally useless. Makes finding gigs difficult, and now you have to ask for permission to do gigs. This makes doing gigs very difficult to start and complete. Which then makes the amount of gigs you can do less. Which in turn causes you to earn less money. And money is what its all about. Gigwalk wants you to work longer for less money. Why contract with Gigwalk when they cant even supply you with enough gigs that allow you to earn a decent amount of money? Also there used to be a useful forum on the App, with lots of helpful people giving helpful advice. People just like me learning the ropes and figuring out how to make Gigwalk work in our busy lives. Now that's been removed from the new version too. What is Gigwalk thinking? They've totally change everything on everybody and for the worse. If this is how they plan on doing things in the future than my suggestion is to skip this App altogether. Do yourself a favor and skip Gigwalk.

Date: Device: 2.0 using Gigwalk

war2death - Huh

After updating to the new version it wouldn't let me log back in after installing and resetting my password no luck after sending them an email they said I'm no long allowed to use the program o well less memory being used for there app

Date: Device: 2.0 using Gigwalk

AddisonStamper - Missing map

Without the map view of all of the local gigs, this app is unusable. If there is not a update I will delete.

Date: Device: 2.0 using Gigwalk

Winn321 - A step backwards

Update: After reading OJ_NYCs review, I discovered I also could not figure out how to look at and cash out my money from my previous gigs that was approved before the 2.0 update. The option is just not there for some reason so I'm lowering the review by another star. My original review: I was really looking forward to the new 2.0 update when I heard it was coming out but surprisingly I discovered it was a huge step backwards when I got to test it out. Here a few of the negatives in my opinion. - As all reviewers mentioned so far, this update is missing a map view which made it super convenient in the past to see where all the gigs are around you. Now you have to locate them one at a time. - There is no longer an option to see gigs in another state outside of your immediate area. This makes it impossible to plan out gigs if you are planning to travel outside your area for whatever reason. - You now have to write a application for each gig you want to work on and wait for approval before it could be started. I tested this process and so far after a whole day, the gigs I applied for still haven't been approved. This makes it impossible to impulsively do a gig when you have a few spare hours and discover there is a few gigs in your immediate area. It also means that gigs you applied for to work on and waited days for might not be approved but you won't know it till then. - Considering most gigs average 2 to 4 bucks each, all these problems makes it impossible to justify spending time looking up each gig one at a time, apply in writing for each one, wait a day or more for approval (or rejection), then go work on the gig to possibly find out that the location of the gig might be closed in which Gigwalk would pay only $2. Too much work for what is less than most people's gas money to get to the gig. I miss the old Gigwalk already. Hope there would be an update to this update soon because Gigwalk was a great concept and was ahead of everyone else. Now they are behind their competitions.

Date: Device: 2.0 using Gigwalk

Serduchka - Agree with all others

New interface is really bad

Date: Device: 2.0 using Gigwalk

Upset gigger - Map missing!

Bring back the map!! How can I find gigs now? I am not spending extra time to google each address and check locations!!

Date: Device: 2.0 using Gigwalk

davarrl - Dislike!

No map. Dislike the new update very much.

Date: Device: 2.0 using Gigwalk

BoyReed - Too bad

GigWalk just lost an avid walker. The latest version FORCES you to update to 5.0 which I don't want to do. Oh well.

Date: Device: 1.38 using Gigwalk

Ammar Ramoutar - What what no

Do this app even have iTunes redeem cause it says it does but doesn't what a scam

Date: Device: 1.38 using Gigwalk

NewNiggz - Not all states are listed

I could not find Alaska or Hawaii listed. There are tons of business in these states.

Date: Device: 1.38 using Gigwalk

Hihihgdbjyf - Not happy

There is not one single gig in the ENTIRE state of Connecticut. I know it's not a big state and all, but seriously?

Date: Device: 1.38 using Gigwalk


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