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Bad App Reviews for Viggle


Current version: 1.4.5

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Viggle Reviews

MoGeLuv - It was better

Funny how all the 5 star ratings sound like an advertisement. They done even sound like they are from real people.

Date: Device: 1.4.1 using Viggle

Jerseychik26 - Worthless

Not worth the time theses days

Date: Device: 1.4 using Viggle

Jasonk22 - What a joke

I deleted this app within 2mins. Not sure what this meant but I signed up gave all my information and it gives me a message of "sorry we don't except time-travelers at this time" I take it as sorry we don't except your kind I don't understand.

Date: Device: 1.4.1 using Viggle

grtwhthunter - dont bother

its a glorified tv guide, and 75% of the app does not work. forces you to give up personal info to be passed on to advertisers... i deleted it within 3 minutes... ... steer clear!!...

Date: Device: 1.4.1 using Viggle

Miker8 - It won't give you points

It will stop giving you points if you check in too many times in one day.

Date: Device: 1.4.1 using Viggle

Matthew Zucarelli - Sloooooow rewards

2.19 - still takes forever to earn anything. 12.26- crap app, takes forever to earn anything. Crap crap crap. Don't waste your time. 8.25 - I just wanted to tap the 1 star button again. Crap app. Update: there goes the iTunes gift card. If you managed to get enough point to get anything, it's all crap now anyways. No wonder their stock started off at $60.00 a share and now it's at $1.17. No point, they made it impossible to get anything. Bestbuy just went from 50,000 to 62,500. It used to be nice, but greed got the best of Viggle. So long.

Date: Device: 1.4.1 using Viggle

markan71ony - Hard to earn.

Hard to earn.

Date: Device: 1.4.1 using Viggle

Missy121897 - Mrs.

TERRIBLE…Viggle does not always give you the points you earned. Also, you could work for days or weeks for something while Viggle has SECRETLY locked your account and you end up with nothing. The MYGUY feature is really frustrating…and that's when it works. Don't waste your time with this APP.

Date: Device: 1.4.1 using Viggle

Nickname23890 - Delete this app!!

Once you accumulate some rewards and points, they make your account inactive and say you have violated some of their rules...which of course you know nothing about! Sham! They won't reinstate the account either. You will lose any points you earned! Not worth the time and aggravation. Beware!!!

Date: Device: 1.4.1 using Viggle

Gino1964 - Banned with 39,000 points.

Went to open viggle and it wanted my password. Then said user account: inactive! I was banned for a year (your points are lost after a year)! Not sure what I did wrong, as they won't tell you! I see it's happening to many others from in the reviews and could happen to you next! VIGGLE NEEDS US, more than we need viggle! Without users, viggle is nothing! Viggle is borrowing money like crazy (it's in the news), it's only a matter of time before they go under!

Date: Device: 1.4.1 using Viggle

Dajinii - Not as great

Rewards has high points requirement and takes a while to earn them and can ban you for having too many points. Use and earn faster points and better rewards. Enter code: 2GHMAJ to start off with bonus points.

Date: Device: 1.4.1 using Viggle

Schgeere - Schgeere

Very POOR!! Viggle sometimes RIP OFF, no matter how often I complain, VIGGLE isn't help enough..

Date: Device: 1.4.1 using Viggle

Jessicathehonest - Useless

When you download this app for apple there's no button to sign in....useless

Date: Device: 1.4.1 using Viggle

ITguy - Great idea. Horrible customer service

I am changing my review. Viggle had horrific customer service. Use the app at your own risk. As long as you don't have any problems you will probably be okay. As soon as you need customer service, you are in big trouble. Viggle doesn't even know what customer service is.

Date: Device: 1.4.1 using Viggle

Amangy - No iPhone 5 Support

iPhone 5 has been out since Sept 2012 and Viggle app has been updated at least x3 since then but still no iPhone 5 support. App works okay usually but points have dropped for watching and redeem items require more points. I used to enjoy Viggle but lately the aforementioned makes it not so fun.

Date: Device: 1.4.1 using Viggle

Reds12344 - Terrible!

A large number of people were all banned on the same day yesterday. Apparently if you read the terms closely they can randomly choose to lower your points or cancel your account when they feel like it! I had 125,000 points saved and lost them all! Nobody will answer my emails for a reason why it was canceled.

Date: Device: 1.4.1 using Viggle

Me48537934 - Old Viggle>>>

I remember when Best Buy cards were 21,500 pts. This app got WAY worse from the last time I opened it, which was about 3 months ago.

Date: Device: 1.4.1 using Viggle

drumlord29 - deactivates without warning!!

i have been saving up my points for something good. i played their little games to get more points. then all of a sudden, viggle deactivates my account!! for what?! just because i get high scores?! why would you let someone get high scores if you would accuse them of fraud?! now all my hard earned points are gone! i wasted all that time for nothing! viggle probably can't pay up when you have a lot to claim! if you want to get robbed of your time and effort, or claim worthless gift cards that requires low points, get this app!

Date: Device: 1.4.1 using Viggle

Yayyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!! - Horrible

The prizes are horrible and its so much harder to get points! It always crashes! Viggle has changed so much to the point, I used to promote this app all the time but now it's horrible.

Date: Device: 1.4.1 using Viggle

Rlsavage - Worthless

Not worth the code or space.

Date: Device: 1.4.1 using Viggle

Headinjured - Rewards are really sucking hairy balls right now!

Was nice. they had a variety of rewards but now... if you live in a rural area like myself forget about getting this app. Because all the rewards now you would have to travel to use them.

Date: Device: 1.4.1 using Viggle

cheasmonky - doesn't work

often wont let me check in it malfunctions and registers random shows. also it offers to let u play trivia to earn extra points but conveniently crashes every time u earn a point.

Date: Device: 1.4.1 using Viggle

virgorey89 - Sorry App

This app is crap. 90% of the time it crashes and you have to restart the whole thing. Sorrrrrrryyyyyy app.... I'm dissappointed!!!

Date: Device: 1.4.1 using Viggle

SppngebobFan#1 - Booooo!!!!!!

Help I don't now how to sign up if I try then it will just wont let me plz tell me I don't want to give it stars cause I think it don't work

Date: Device: 1.4.1 using Viggle

KrisClark8109 - Not good

Get intonow instead. Intonow always can identify the show by "listening" even if its DVRed from 5 days ago. Viggle never gets it!

Date: Device: 1.4.1 using Viggle

Keslab - Very unhelpful

I tried to log into the app and was told that my account was inactive. I contacted support and was told that I violated the terms and agreement but would not tell me what I did exactly. With all the problems witht he application it is any wonder they would think that. I would check in to a program and it would not verify that I checked in. I would check it again and it would take and then an hour later it would only give me one point for checking in. I would play along with the game and it would ask the same question several times. This program is very bogus and they refuse to acknowledge that the propblem is on their end and deactivated my account saying that I was using the application fraudulently. I have deleted the app from my phone and from my itunes list. It is not a good app to have if they can't fix all their problems. Itunes should really rethink keeping this app. It does not work all the time and has too many bugs.

Date: Device: 1.4.1 using Viggle

Sdg 4800 - Complete garbage

Unbelievable that apps like this are on here. Makers of this app deserve to burn in hell

Date: Device: 1.4.1 using Viggle

Maggibella - Upsetting

I tried to create a new account, it wouldn't even let me do that. I can't even read the ToS or Privacy Policy or anything. Stupid, don't download.

Date: Device: 1.4.1 using Viggle

LeRoux-Auteur - Terrible

This app is terrible. They keep raising prices and lowering points rewarded for watching... More than one person in my household was using viggle so they cancelled all of our accounts claiming that my dad had multiple accounts of him own. When he tried to send an email to get it straightened out they told him he needed to fill out a tax form.... Ridiculous.

Date: Device: 1.4.1 using Viggle

smitty8099 - app getting worse by the day

This app always crashes during high viewing events due to server issues! The rewards that was available when I first started have been diminished to viggle gear, nobody wants rewarded with viggle gear! Would not recommend this app until some serious upgrades ti server and available rewards!

Date: Device: 1.4.1 using Viggle

Dobalina - Point problems

I don't get prime time points and bonuses anymore. I've emailed customer service several times but nothing has been fixed

Date: Device: 1.4.1 using Viggle

Heatho26 - Not getting bonus points/points that I watch a show!

The last few days I have not receive any bonus points! I watched and checked into 3 shows that should have given me 150, 50, & 50 bonus points and I got nothing! Didn't even get points that I watched the show. Very disappointing and frustrating because when this app works it is very cool :(

Date: Device: 1.4.1 using Viggle

Dbaske - Great, but

It's a great app I've had it for a month and have 28,000 points but I have the new iPhone and it does not fit the whole screen!! I would really like this app to be optimized for iPhone 5! A couple of updates have come out since iphone 5 yet its still isnt optomized for it. Also why did you take away iTunes gift cards. As soon as I got 23,000 BAM it's gone now I have to save up to 63,000 which is going to take awhile. Please change and put back these two things and I will rate 5 stars

Date: Device: 1.4.1 using Viggle

Viggle hater - Doesn't work

Hardly ever works and way too glitchy. Would be better if their server could actually remain on throughout a program. Half the time it doesn't give the points that you should have gotten.

Date: Device: 1.4.1 using Viggle

Stiggity - You blew it Viggle!

On the biggest stage, you blew it! You spend the last two weeks hyping up Super Bowl check ins and then your system isn't even robust enough to handle the extra activity. Maybe you should have done some testing. Morons!!!

Date: Device: 1.4.1 using Viggle

SSeverns - Viggle - Awful App

Viggle could be a great app, if it actually worked. I've wasted so much time trying to check into shows simply to find an error that prohibits me from going any further. Don't waste your time with this app. That's all you'll get out of it, just wasted time.

Date: Device: 1.4.1 using Viggle

SometimesKatie - Nice, if and when it actually works

The app is legit and you can earn gift cards, but it never seems to actually work. I spend more time trying to get it to work than actually using it.

Date: Device: 1.4.1 using Viggle

Pman0929 - Thanks

Wouldn't even pick up the Super Bowl. Biggest game of the year. Real nice.

Date: Device: 1.4.1 using Viggle

mrdsl - Awesome

I really love the way it crashes when you try to sign up that's fantastic. You really failed during the Super Bowl app kept crashing

Date: Device: 1.4.1 using Viggle

Melody Jiang - Terrible app

Waste of time. Viggle live seems to purposely have connection error when points should be received. Also frequent occurrences of "unable to load show". Also doesn't even give points for the show if you play viggle live. The original viggle was so much better. Now they are so stingy about the amount of points needed to redeem rewards. Even decreased the amount of points watching featured shows give you. What happened to their triple points and many videos?

Date: Device: 1.4.1 using Viggle

MandyPT - "Sorry!"

Every friggin thing I do I get "sorry! Please try to reconnect to the server" Ugh

Date: Device: 1.4.1 using Viggle

kalenanani - Thumbs down

Rarely will sign in & if I do get signed in its after trying at least 15 times, besides you need so many points ti Get anything decent...Don't waste your time

Date: Device: 1.4.1 using Viggle

JJGO66 - Keep kicking me out

It keeps kicking me out of viggle live Also it says that I have viggle point but when I go and check to see my points it says that I have know points that I have collected please fixe ASAP

Date: Device: 1.4.1 using Viggle

Irratated 21235689421679945 - Super Bowl

Trying to check in to Super Bowl and it won't let me

Date: Device: 1.4.1 using Viggle

Hatred for viggle - Avoid if you sleep

I am writing this at 1:15 in the morning after being awoken by the constant "you earned points" messages I am receiving from viggle. Why on the earth would you design an app to send notifications which cannot be silenced is beyond me. I haven't watched tv since 10 pm and I'm still getting messages. Completely awful. There is no setting to silence the notifications. So I you love receiving messages at 1 in the morning notifying you that you got 20 viggle points 3 hours ago, then this is the app for you. Only way I stopped the messages was deleting the app.

Date: Device: 1.4.1 using Viggle

GinsengATC - Trouble connecting

I've had viggle for a while now. It use to be pretty good. Now it seems its popularity has outgrown its growth of support. Trying to connect during peak times (when most the bonus points are offered), is rarely successful. There needs to be a major increase in server capabilities to keep up with the demand.

Date: Device: 1.4.1 using Viggle

felixchu1 - Good, Until It Wasn't


Date: Device: 1.4.1 using Viggle

Ex2gsr - Thanks a lot viggle

Thank you viggle for failing to confirm my check in during the SUPER BOWL!!!! Since you failed I give you a terrible rating

Date: Device: 1.4.1 using Viggle

Dave48642 - Super Bowl.....epic fail

Tried to check in during the Super Bowl and kept having errors, most of them related to their servers. Biggest TV night of the year and Viggle showed it can't handle it. Nice effort, but a big fail.

Date: Device: 1.4.1 using Viggle

C-ATL - Crappy servers

Can't handle Super Bowl traffic and cheating customers out of legit points.

Date: Device: 1.4.1 using Viggle


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