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USAA Mobile Reviews

lostpnoy808 - update fail

doesnt let me login. app shuts down

Date: Device: 3.5 using USAA Mobile

Sassssiua - Crashes

Crashes during login on newest update. Do not update.

Date: Device: 3.5 using USAA Mobile

Unttzss - Crashes

No longer works with update... Fix

Date: Device: 3.5 using USAA Mobile

Trickymagic - Ver 3.5 not working

I updated to ver 3.5. Since the update, I can not login. The app quits and shuts down. Please fix and you'll get 5 stars!!!

Date: Device: 3.5 using USAA Mobile

Hockeyzone - Disappointed

Updated to the latest version of the USAA mobile app, and now the app won't launch. Come on, USAA. We expect more from you! Suggest more rigorous testing before you release a buggy release. Develop a fix quickly, please!

Date: Device: 3.5 using USAA Mobile

cbmarley11 - USAA APP

Latest update causes the app to crash. Annoying!!!!!

Date: Device: 3.5 using USAA Mobile

Darreon - Horrible app, horrible company

I had usaa and found a cheaper provider and switched and they reported me to the state for "not having coverage." Dont support this awful Company there are much better deals out there. Much.

Date: Device: 3.4.1 using USAA Mobile

Frustrated depositor - App crashes!

This app worked great for a while, but now crashes every time I try to deposit a check (when the camera needs to interface with the app). I guess I need to go back to mailing my checks in... Ugh.

Date: Device: 3.4.1 using USAA Mobile

Buckwarsaw - Doesn't ever connect

App never connects, it always says that I am connecting to an invalid server... So why do all my other apps work fine? Cuz this app doesn't work...

Date: Device: 3.4.1 using USAA Mobile

1ADforLIFE - Was good

Was good until now on both of my iPhone 4 mobile deposit says it can't read number on front of checks. Tried multiple checks too! This was after the recent update, before was 5 stars!

Date: Device: 3.4 using USAA Mobile

UTBaseball13 - Download

Is anyone else having a problem with this app downloading? I requested a download 10 hours ago and it still hasn't downloaded. I'm sure it's a great app once you have it.

Date: Device: 3.3 using USAA Mobile

@Carl - Too little too late

They just issued a new update, but it's more of the same. They keep adding fairly useless features (take pics of an auto accident? Seriously?) while the big ones remain glaringly absent: iOS4 quick app switching, Retina graphics, and allowing ALL members to deposit checks (as their competitors do). Overall, the app feels and looks clunky, like a mobile site packaged in an app. There are too many missing features (ability to see transaction detail, check images, statements) that still require visiting the full (non-mobile) site as well. USAA needs to focus on the core banking product and forget all of the silly add-ons like Auto Circle that are unlikely to be used. Rather than invent new features, they need some very basic ones like the ATM Finder to either be fixed or removed (ever try it? It'll show you ATMs that have never existed and banks that have been closed for over a decade!).

Date: Device: 3.3 using USAA Mobile

Arlington2345 - Beware iPod 4G users!

I used this app on my first-generation iPhone forever, and loved being able to deposit checks using it. I got rid of that device recently, and last week bought an iPod Touch 4G. Apparently, the camera isn't good enough to handle the Deposit @Mobile, which is the only reason I use the app, since everything else can be done from

Date: Device: 3.2 using USAA Mobile

somepilotguy - Deposit Mobile - Fail

If you try to set up the Deposit Mobile function don't dare decline the location "option". It isn't an option. It is required to use this feature. If you decline the location reporting you are next told that it is required. But the app doesn't let you change your mind and accept the option. After acknowledging that you now know that it is an option you are then redirected to the home page where you can start the porcess again and eventually get kicked back to the home page. Don't try uninstalling and reinstalling either. That won't change the app either. I am now stuck with an app that I can't use for the one reason that I installed it. Worse yet, I can't make it let me make a deposit. Great app!!

Date: Device: 3.2 using USAA Mobile

AKKelly85 - Crashing

App crashes every time I try to deposit a check! It also freezes when I am trying to login sometimes.

Date: Device: 3.2 using USAA Mobile

goosefraba - cannot stay logged in anymore?


Date: Device: 3.2 using USAA Mobile

La bala 13 - The worst experience.

I never had any problem with USAA until now. One day as I tried to log on to do the usual check my account and pay bills, I was denied access. So I call wondering why that was they said there was a problem in insurance so I talk to them and they could not give me an answer as to why but they ended up fixing my access problem. So a couple of months go by and it happened yet again. So I did the same call went through the same thing, however this time I asked to speak to manager. I was told that one will get back to me before the end of the day. So I patiently waited, however I still needed to check my balance on my accounts. I call the automated system to find out, however I did not get any info on my accounts I was transferred directly to a rep. The rep gave me the info I need and then some, that my accounts were scheduled to be closed in 14 days and that I was no longer "acceptable" to the bank. I had no prior knowledge of this not a phone call, letter, email nothing. And in my trying to find put why I wasn't "acceptable" no one could give me a straight answer, and was being tossed around to every department and every manager in USAA except the insurance department. A couple of days passed and I had yet to receive a call from the insurance manager, so I called and what do you I still have no idea why I am not "acceptable". I am a Specialist in the US Army, I have served my country for 6 yrs, isn't this the basis of their bank "serving those who serve". Well I have to say USAA you are a backstabbing, lying institution. And I believe I wasn't the first person you have done this to. I bank with chase now and I am very happy with them, even though they don't have the products that you provided for me they treat me with respect and have way better customer service as well as easier banking I will never have to talk to a machine again.

Date: Device: 3.1 using USAA Mobile

The Glovage - Can't download!

I updated but it can't fully download the new version!!! Fix please!!

Date: Device: 3.1 using USAA Mobile

Kjjhgdy - Relogin

Makes you re-login every time you view another window.

Date: Device: 3.0 using USAA Mobile

The Captain - App stinks.

The key to online banking is the ability to deposit money. This app has a faulty home deposit bug. I sure wish USAA would test their products before releasing them. Testing new products on their customers is not acceptable.

Date: Device: 3.0 using USAA Mobile

magnum6 - Version 3.0 is broken on 3GS

This update is broken on my 3GS running iOS. It immediately crashes upon start. I have rebooted the phone in addition to deleting and re-installing the app. Same thing every time - crashes within 1 second of loading. I wish i could down grade to the previous version. I use this app constantly - now I am cut off.

Date: Device: 3.0 using USAA Mobile

nsshoemaker - Rip Off

The only reason I downloaded and enrolled was to use MobileDeposit. I found out that I'm not eligible because neither I nor any member of my family is a member of the military. Without MobileDeposit they are just another bank with their hand out trying to take your money. Today they told they are going to fine me and convert my savings account to a checking account because I made too many withdraws. Keep your money in a mattress where deflation will make your money worth more and you don't get fined.

Date: Device: 2.3.1 using USAA Mobile

AR0723 - Love it

I've been with USAA for years but always hated the fact that I had to mail my deposits. I tried to do it on the website by scanning them but always had issues.. Now being able to just do the deposits with my iPhone is so easy and fast. I LOVE IT!! This app. Is great

Date: Device: 2.2 using USAA Mobile

Plato Rhyne - Can't get it to work

Keeps crashing upon opening for me. Anyone else have this problem?

Date: Device: 2.2 using USAA Mobile

WOW!!! Must Have - Best app for Banking from the largest & best bank in the US!

This app is unbelievable!!! I took a picture of the front and back of my check and with in (all done on edge network) 5 seconds the funds were instanly added to my checking account. My pay check was not draw on a national bank or from the military. Freaking state of the art!!!!

Date: Device: 2.2 using USAA Mobile

Stylindreag - Love it!

The app is clean and simple. Deposit@mobile... Wow hello future! The service is great, and they carried onto our phones. Thank you USAA

Date: Device: 2.2 using USAA Mobile

purgcfo - deposit at home is not there yet

deposit at home is an innovative idea but still buggy and unreliable. i spend more time getting it to accept the check even though image is perfect, than i would have if i just dropped it in the mail. back to the deposit envelopes for me. almost as frustrating as usaa's phone voice menu system...but not quite.

Date: Device: 2.1 using USAA Mobile

Minnesota travlin soldier - So far so good

I'm just getting started with using this app and so far I am loving it the only issue I've had yet is I really really would love for it to remember the login information and allow it to store it and it could ask for it to be re-entered ever few weeks for security incase your phone gets stolen to prevent further access and keep the pin number to get into any realatively important account details and abilities. Just me five cents.

Date: Device: 2.1 using USAA Mobile

ScotPeterman - Disappointing

I sure wish someone would gripe about the fact that this app ONLY works on 3.1! Why should USAA dictate my software version? I have a hacked/jailbroken iPhone which means I (and others) can't enjoy this app. It's ridiculous!

Date: Device: 2.0.3 using USAA Mobile

gonzalezjk - It used to be a great application until the last update!!!

Hi. This used to be a great application to deposit a check from home until this last update. Now is nearly imposible to deposit a check. No matter who clear the picture is, it will tell you that you have to retake the image again. Is getting ridicoulous, at the point that I have to send my check via mail, the same check that I have been depositing for the past 2 month with the new update I can't. I hope you can fix this on your next update!!!

Date: Device: 2.0.3 using USAA Mobile

Ryansdaddy - Free, as in marketing for Apple.

USAA has shut out so many of it's members that do not have the latest firmware update. But, hey, Apple just made a killing!

Date: Device: 2.0.1 using USAA Mobile

Ryuji5864 - Not backwards compatible with 3.0 firmware

Only problem with the USAA app is it's not backwards compatible with the Apple's 3.0 firmware. USAA wants me to upgrade to Apple's 3.1 firmware, which causes my iPhone 3G to crash frequently. Please make the USAA app backwards compatible with the Apple's 3.0 firmware. If this issue was resolved I'd give the USAA app 5 stars. However, until the issue is resolved I cannot use the USAA app, which earns the app a star at most.

Date: Device: 2.0.3 using USAA Mobile

Abdul Wahab - This is what it really is from Better Business Bureau

Out of Business According to information in the BBB files, it appears that the company is no longer in business. The phone numbers the BBB had for this company are disconnected, and directory assistance does not have a listing for this company. The BBB's mail to this company has been returned as undeliverable. If you have an unresolved dispute with this company you may wish to seek legal advice.

Date: Device: 2.0.2 using USAA Mobile

vanessavy - Mobile Deposit

USAA's app is good to check basic stuff on accounts. The fact you need a loan or credit card to use deposit mobile is retarded. Bad enough we have no where near post to deposit checks and must mail them in but we refuse to use credit cards and take out a loan just to use this portion of the app. USAA needs to serve Military families better!!

Date: Device: 2.0.2 using USAA Mobile

MrJeffreyGee - Member Eligibility & Suggestion

I contacted USAA and was told that to be able to use the Deposit@Mobile feature I had to be a member. The only way to be a member was if I was in the military, a child of a parent who is on the military, or worked for the government. Please remove member requirements and open up to the public, or at least update you app description to include member requirements and not just say "be approved for one", which makes it sound like you just need good credit!       

Date: Device: 2.0.1 using USAA Mobile

AmySnortts - Can't sign in!

I love USAA and all of their services. I keep trying to log in, but it won't let me finish typing in my user ID! It apparentlyvhas a character limit that is one short of what I need. Hopefully they fix this so that I can use the app!

Date: Device: 2.0.1 using USAA Mobile

SICKOFUSAA - This is a Scam

This product is a complete scam. The company requires you to take out a credit card or a consumer loan in order to use the "Deposit Mobile" function, it is really the only reason to use this app. They are just trying to boost their monopoly on all of your accounts. These guys have lost their focus over the last few years. I will be moving all of my accounts from this bank, in this economy this company is making people take out loans to use this function, it makes me sick. I wasted an hour on the phone trying to resolve this issue, DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME!

Date: Device: 2.0.1 using USAA Mobile

monyako - deposit@home = fail

I've tried using my scanner and the iphone, but neither works. I've just wasted hours.

Date: Device: 2.0.1 using USAA Mobile

bigmike53 - NO check Deposit without a HITCH

I have been with USAA for 37 years. Cars, homeowners, trailer, checking, and savings. The fact that now I have to not only have a checking or savings account (I have both) and either auto or homeowners insurance (I have both) but I now must either take out a loan or get their credit card to deposit funds into my account through this app. This is totally STUPID! I do not need any debt in order to give them money. USAA, not is not the time to request people to go into debt when the goal is to save and get out of debt. Other than that, this app does the same as another iPhone bank app does.

Date: Device: 2.0.1 using USAA Mobile

DavidMavec - Deposit@Home

If you are not a military service person you cannot use the service to deposit checks from afar! I feel cheated, you mean to tell me that as a customer I am not important if I am not in the military? Ridiculous.

Date: Device: 2.0.0 using USAA Mobile

swamijim - It's fast, too

My kids all are enrolled in USAA, thanks to my military service. I've told them no matter what happens in life, do not give up entitlement to USAA. It's hands-down the best insurer, bank, and now app developer. How could you not love a bank that lets you use any ATM anywhere and then rebates the bank's fee!

Date: Device: 2.0.0 using USAA Mobile

Czbrock - Should be better

I had higher expectations... this app is basically just a link to the USAA mobile banking site. Also, too many steps to get to the info I needed.

Date: Device: 1.0.0 using USAA Mobile

AdamWillis - User name/Password everytime I open it and then you ask me for a PIN?

USAA needs to develop a system where you don't have to log in every time you open the app… for example;'s app remembers your specific iPhone identifier which you can un-pair on the Web site. I use the USAA app specifically to pay my bills and I find it very annoying to use the iPhone keyboard to type my username/password and then wait for the (app which is just a USAA site browser which is also BS imho) app to load the page then when I click anything, it loads a new page to type in a PIN number. If I want to pay a bill or just do an acct overview, why the need for a pin number? I would understand extra security only if I was trying to make changes to the acct. Bottom line, this app was a weak and sorry attempt and making USAA more accessible to iPhone users... I would rather wait to use my computer then to use this app.

Date: Device: 1.0.0 using USAA Mobile

DavidPeterson - USAA app review

This would be really useful if it could remember your account name and password. As it is you have to re-enter both of them every time its launched as is utterly useless as a result.

Date: Device: 1.0.0 using USAA Mobile

Packaged Dragon - USAA

This app is the same as the internet site. USAA doesn't allow you to make a mistake. If you do, they ban you, for life, from using the internet site, and this application.

Date: Device: 1.0.0 using USAA Mobile

NiceGirlPR - Super good

I hate to call USAA when I'm away from the Internet and this application is way better than talking to their voice system. You can even request the insurance id cards right here

Date: Device: 1.0.0 using USAA Mobile

Grave79 - Nothing special here

This is really nothing more than a fancier looking version of the USAA mobile site, and since neither of these give you a way to view your statement balances it makes it pretty worthless when it comes to using your iPhone to pay your CC bills. Fix that, and at least offer to remember usernames and it would rate higher.

Date: Device: 1.0.0 using USAA Mobile

Connor Boyd - This isn't an app.

This isn't an app. This is the mobile site WRITE AN APP!!!

Date: Device: 1.0.0 using USAA Mobile

fire man - awsome

AWSOME APP!!!!!!!!!!!

Date: Device: 1.0.0 using USAA Mobile

X-Boi - Waaaay to Complicated

I dont like there web site has to many issues when you wanna make a payment by credit card to pay for your insurance and everytime you use the app and you know you put in the correct password it locks you out and than you've gotta take time to call there IT peps and go through all this security crap. On the app side as well as the website. To many security questions far more than a simple log in and your done. and if you dont save your CC info on the web site you cant make a payment via the mobile. what were these IT peps thinking?

Date: Device: 1.0.0 using USAA Mobile

USAA Mobile

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