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Soojung Park - Doesn't load.

I was so excited when I installed it but when I tried opening it, it wouldn't. So disappointing.

Date: Device: using Afterlight

Lex Bruton - Terrible!

Coming from an iPhone, this app is so bad! I really liked the app on iOS and it was one of my favourites. But this has really let me and I'm sure a few other people down.

Date: Device: using Afterlight

Edgar Ruiz - FAKE! Don't install.

This app is used to steal your info. The real app is coming this year. Report this app. @afterlightapp for more info on the real app release.

Date: Device: using Afterlight

Rebekah Meneses - Heartbroken

This was one of my favorite apps for editing on iPhone. I downloaded it before reading the reviews. Ugh what a waste of time. FIX IT PLEASE!

Date: Device: using Afterlight

Jeremiah R - Needs Update

Doesn't work, it just loads and then crashes. I hope this app gets fixed because it was my favorite on my iPhone.

Date: Device: using Afterlight

Philip DiCicco - Susks.

The app is great on my wife's iPhone but will not load on my Samsung tablet. Please make it work on my device.

Date: Device: using Afterlight

Martha Freytes - It doesn't work at all

How should I use it if it doesn't pass the adds and the loading? You guys should fix it because its a very awesome app, fix it as soon as possible please

Date: Device: using Afterlight

Aurora Jarneski - Huge disappointment

I was so excited to get this app but it has been a huge disappointment. It continues to "load" but never does. Please fix!!!!

Date: Device: using Afterlight

Analia Ruiz-Lombardo - Cannot Load, only adds.

Creators of this app, PLEASE fix the app. It doesn't work at all. All I see are adds. Hopefully you can see this comment cause, when I figured out it was on the app store, I was so happy until I downloaded it. PLEASE FIX.

Date: Device: using Afterlight

Selina Skinner - Not satisfied

I was so excited to download the app, I've been waiting 2 days to get into the app but it says it's been loading the whole time. Needs to be fixed.

Date: Device: using Afterlight

Lizzy Tariloff - Absolute crap.

Doesn't want to load. There are wayy too many ads, I got bored of trying to load it after having this app for only 2 minutes.

Date: Device: using Afterlight


As a former iPhone user I LOVED afterlight and I was waiting patiently for it to come for Android devices AND I SAW THIS AND JUMPED OF HAPPINESS!! But it is a Total WASTE it doesn't even load!! PLEASE FIX THIS ASAP!!!!!!

Date: Device: using Afterlight

Krista Horan - Doesnt load

So I was super excited I finally found it for Google Play but it doesnt load at all. Like it just stays blank and im getting frustrated cause I love this app but i cant use it. DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!

Date: Device: using Afterlight

Chad Milner - Does not load.

I was so excited when I found this app on the android market. But it does not load. I am pretty disappointed.

Date: Device: using Afterlight

Luis R. - Useless

It's literally a waste. When you open the app, the first thing it asks you to do is check out some ad offers. After that, the app does NOT open. It just shows a black screen with a "Loading..." pop-up. It stays there forever. Doesn't load anything. Don't waste your time like we did. Uninstalled it immediately. (Nexus 5, 4.4.2)

Date: Device: using Afterlight

Kaitlyn Alvarado - This app is a piece of s h i t.

I was really excited about this app and then you guys go and crushed my dreams. You should really fix it so that it works on Android.

Date: Device: using Afterlight

Asif Haque -

Does not load.. it's a great iPhone app and it's sad that they are not taking advantage of the android market. Please fix this ad-filled app. I would even pay for it!

Date: Device: using Afterlight

Taylor Brisbane - Doesn't load!

This app is great on iPhone, but for Android; shocking! All you get is a bunch of adds. The app won't even load. So stupid and a waste of time downloading. Very disappointing after knowing how good it is for iPhone. Fix this and do yourself a favour!

Date: Device: using Afterlight


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